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Los Angeles Genshin Concert 2023 Review: Merch, Setlist, Music

Anime Gaming Music

The second American concert of the 2023 Genshin Concert tour concluded just a couple hours ago. I’m chilling in the Ritz-Carlton next door to Peacock Theatre as I write this. This will serve as a log of my experience which I hope someone someday might find helpful.


Scrobbling Your Music with Maloja


Some people like tracking every little bit of their life, including the music they listen to. In fact, there are platforms online that will graciously track and display information for you, such as Last.fm and Listenbrainz. However, there’s also a subsection of these individuals that may not want to have a third party in control of their music listening habits. That’s where Maloja comes in.


How do you do summation on a Casio fx-9750gii?

Σ(function, variable, lower bound, upper bound, increment)

Self-hosted Outline Wiki with Keycloak & MinIO

Guides Linux Docker

Outline is a pretty cool wiki project, but it requires a lot of other services to properly use it. Namely, it lacks an authentication service; instead, Outline relies on external SSO services, such as Google or Slack. I prefer self-hosting everything, so we must provide an one ourselves. Outline supports authentication with the OpenID Connect standard from any third-party that supports it. One self-hosted option is Red Hat’s Keycloak software, which we will be using today.


Attempting to Emulate Blue Archive on Linux

Anime Linux Gaming

What’s up guys, David Korenski here back at it with another anime-themed product: Blue Archive - a strategy role-playing mobile game tacked onto a gambling machine. But this time, I’m going to talk about how painful it was to try play it on a Linux desktop. A few months ago, Sumiko kindly helped me set up Linux Mint, which I quite liked and now use as my daily driver. I’ve since gotten rid of my old Windows shindows boot and I don’t want to install gross mobile games on my phone, so when I needed to emulate Android… well, my options were quite limited.


Port Fowarding Minecraft with PiVPN & Wireguard

Guides Linux

Got a Minecraft server you want to expose to the Internet, but can’t open ports on your home network? Well, this is a solution for you!


October Revolution


Happy October Revolution folks. Today is the day that America’s greatest enemy was birthed. What a horrible day it is today.




It’s that time of year again, folks! The annual tradition where online males everywhere participate in the month-long event of abstinence. But why is surviving November so important?


How to Run Matrix On a Raspberry Pi Without Opening Ports

Guides Linux

The current state of the messaging industry is a disaster - a fragmented assortment of platforms who all refuse to integrate with any other. Now the EU’s impending Digital Markets Act will come into effect on November 2, but, until then, what can we use now to force interoperability?



Join us on Matrix!

Matrix is a federated, open messenging protocol with support for end-to-end encryption.

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