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Los Angeles Genshin Concert 2023 Review: Merch, Setlist, Music

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The second American concert of the 2023 Genshin Concert tour concluded just a couple hours ago. I’m chilling in the Ritz-Carlton next door to Peacock Theatre as I write this. This will serve as a log of my experience which I hope someone someday might find helpful.


Attempting to Emulate Blue Archive on Linux

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What’s up guys, David Korenski here back at it with another anime-themed product: Blue Archive - a strategy role-playing mobile game tacked onto a gambling machine. But this time, I’m going to talk about how painful it was to try play it on a Linux desktop. A few months ago, Sumiko kindly helped me set up Linux Mint, which I quite liked and now use as my daily driver. I’ve since gotten rid of my old Windows shindows boot and I don’t want to install gross mobile games on my phone, so when I needed to emulate Android… well, my options were quite limited.



Anime Privacy

Okay, so I just finished watching all 13 episodes of the John-Wick-but-with-anime-girls anime Lycoris Recoil and I found the ending incredibly prescient in our modern day society. People are so gullible these days. (SPOILERS AHEAD)


Literally 1.19.84

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Yesterday, Mojang Studios released the 1.19.1 update to the popular block game Minecraft. Ostensibly, one would expect a minor update to be a couple bug fixes and mechanic adjustments, but, as you may already know, 1.19.1 brings the complete opposite.


Does life suck?

We have Firefox. Maybe it’s actually you that sucks.